Healthy. Wealthy. Happy

Women achieve the impossible with so many facets of their life happening around them all at once.  Earning salaries, building careers, taking positions on boards, and being the family glue.   So, it is time to let someone else nurture your future for you.  You have enough to do.

It is our role to invest in you.  To ensure that you are Healthy, Wealthy and Happy.  This is our Mantra, and we truly believe that you cannot have one without the other.

Whether you are single, married, or divorced, it is time to take control over your financial future and beat the statistics, hands down.

At Evalesco, we have spent many years working with women ensuring that they “buck” the trend, and become successful investors in their own right. We get results and more importantly, remove the stress and overwhelming feeling that women want to avoid.  It is not that hard, if you have your own Personal Financial Coach alongside you.


Be Independent With Your Own Wealthy Future

Meet Mandy. The go-getter who is faster than a speeding train.  She has a busy and successful career, so she doesn’t have time to mess around.  Mandy wanted to ensure that she had a plan to build her property portfolio over the years, to secure her a future where she could make choices on her terms.

Five years later, Mandy is exactly where we planned that she would be, with multiple properties in place, and smart tax and superannuation strategies all playing out.   Together we are upgrading the plans and taking things to the next step.

“Looking back through the rear-view, If I hadn’t met with Evalesco, I would now be, exactly where I was, 5 years ago.  I have achieved a lot since then, and following the plan has allowed me to take control over my future.  My friends see what I have done, and wish they had taken the same steps back then.”

Meet Mandy

When James Brown, wrote the song “It’s a MAN’S World” in 1966  – he wasn’t wrong.  Nearly FIVE decades later, the glass ceiling is still alive and well….when it comes to Women making it in the wealth stakes.

The statistics are clear:

  1. Women retire with around half as much superannuation as men.1
  2. Women earn on average, $700,000 less than men during their lifetime.2
  3. Nearly a third of Australians (30%) found dealing with money stressful and overwhelming. Females (35%) were significantly more likely than males (24%) to report this. Personal income and degree level education had no effect on whether people found dealing with money stressful and overwhelming 3
  4. Why is it that women are less likely to build investments, outside of their super and own home3 ?

We make it easy, and help you navigate a world that is foreign to most.  And we get you ready and able, by working through things that are holding you back from taking that first step.

Is This You?

Prefer To ?

Mind Ready
Aspire for Better
No Confidence
Want confidence
Want to Progress
Be Secure
Be Better
Spend Too Much
Want Control
Time Poor
More Balance
Calm & collected

Women and Wealth – Why it is important to be independent

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  1. The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), 2015
  2. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014. Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, 6302.0. (multiplied by a 45-year career).
  3. Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker 2015 (ASIC)

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