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Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Seminar

Wednesday 16th November 2016

6pm – 8.30pm

Over the course of the last eighteen months you would have seen more and more content relating to what we have identified as the Evalesco purpose.  Don’t worry if you missed it, in a nutshell, we are here to empower those in our community to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy.

With that in mind, we are really excited to announce our very first Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Seminar next month. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we are going to share with you some wonderful ideas and help in terms of your health, your wealth and your happiness – as they are all so very connected.

Here is a quick look at our presenters and what you can expect to learn from them:

Marshall Brentnall on Wealthy
Director & Personal Financial Adviser at Evalesco.
Jeff Thurecht on Wealthy
Director & Personal Financial Adviser at Evalesco.
Cath Edwards on Happy
Mia Taylor on Wealthy
Personal Financial Adviser at Evalesco


Anthia Koullouros on Healthy

Ovvio Organic Health & Lifestyle Store & Naturopathic Clinic

Anthia has been practicing as a Herbalist, Naturopath and Organic Food, Health and Lifestyle Educator since 1994 and is the author of ‘I am food‘.

Anthia will speak about the fundamental importance of good nutrition and self-care, for the purpose of maximising our performance in the workplace and in life generally.

Good nutrition is critical to maintaining optimal energy, cognitive function, good gut health and immunity but our nutrition can be undermined by a modern lifestyle with busy jobs, eating on the run, take away meals or using poor quality ingredients.

Anthia will offer alternatives for overcoming these challenges and supporting wellness and will cover ‘her top 10 health rituals’ which include practical ideas to be implemented immediately in the workplace and beyond.


Mia Taylor & Marshall Brentnall on Wealthy

In the world of 24 hour news and opinion it can be hard to work out what it all means for you and your personal economy.  This session will cut through the noise, and look at what is happening in the property market, share markets locally and globally and the latest on mortgages.

We’ll also touch on recent and proposed changes to superannuation and how they may impact you. And, offer some simple tips to get on top of your spending in the lead up to Christmas.


Cath Edwards on Happy

Cath Edwards The Stress Less Coach 

Cath’s passion is stressing less. It always has been. She has been assisting people to stress less for over 40 years either in groups, through education or one to one and in fact took our team through a session only a few weeks ago. She is amazing.

Managing stress resourcefully is the key to a successful life and one lived to its capacity. Cath wakes up every day thinking about how she can get the message out there to us.

Learn the critical facts about stressing less and create a life of calm.


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