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Meet Marshall

Meet Jeff

Evalesco Financial Services is a boutique financial planning company, privately owned by Directors, Jeff Thurecht and Marshall Brentnall. You'll get to know us very well as we are also hands-on senior financial planners. 

We have a young, experienced, and enthusiastic team motivated by helping good people achieve their financial goals. 

We live up to our name: Yes, Evalesco is an unusual name, but as with everything we do there is a good reason behind it. Evalesco is Latin and means to grow strong, to prevail and have value. This represents the goals we have for both our clients and our company. Don't worry, use it a few times and it will just roll off your tongue. 

We are experienced: Evalesco Financial Services was incorporated in 2001, and has been growing stronger ever since. Prior to Evalesco, both Jeff and Marshall earned their stripes in several financial planning roles.

Evalesco Financial Services is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Professional Investment Services.

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Why we do it

“It’s really simple, we want to have a positive impact on people’s lives, we want to be able to create opportunities for our clients so they can focus on what’s important to them”


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Team Evalesco

Positive + Energetic + Caring = Uplifting Service

Meet some of the clients we love working with

Gareth's Story

Gareth is a sales executive, married with two young kids. Here he tells his story of what he is passionate about.

Mandy's Story

Mandy is a single mum who runs her own marketing and communications business. Here Mandy shares insights into what she is passionate about and details the value of having financial advice.

Michael's Story

Michael is a partner in a law firm, married with three kids. Here he talks about his passions and his journey.

How we help our clients

Young Professionals

You're probably working long hours trying to establish yourself and your career and starting to earn a healthy income. It's the opportune time to get your foot in the door and make some good financial decisions to set yourself up.


We understand the juggling act that comes with having a family. You might have a mortgage, kids at school and ongoing bills. Making good financial decisions is a must to grow, protect and enjoy this stage of your life.

Mature Families

Exciting time! The kids might be moving on, the debts are getting smaller and you probably have a great overseas holiday in mind. This is the time where you really start to plan your future which may include things like retirement planning and how you are going to fund it.


You made it! Now you need to enjoy it! I'm sure you might be thinking of downsizing, travelling, taking up a new hobby and spending more time with your family. It's about doing what's important without the stress.

What we do

Our expertise

Building a plan together

Building a plan together

Once we understand your ‘Now’ we build a plan together to bridge the gap and help make it a reality.

Putting the plan in place

Putting the plan in place

Setting a plan is one thing but implementing the plan is another. This is where we put your plan into action.

The services and benefits

Evalesco’s Blog

Sharing our views

An exclusive offer from Evalesco

An exclusive offer from Evalesco

Put your hand up if you have ever thought “I wish there was a crystal ball when it comes to investments??”  Come on, be honest.  How many shares in the Commonwealth Bank or Woolworths would you have bought if you had of known they would increase in value by more than 1000% in the 20+(…)

FoFA has been hijacked!

FoFA has been hijacked!

What’s wrong with the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms is that they have been hijacked.  That’s right FoFA has been hijacked!  I feel like a load has been lifted just saying those words.  The reforms have turned into a battle that is being waged by the industry superannuation funds and banks, driven by ideology, vested(…)

Your life in Jelly Beans

Your life in Jelly Beans

Imagine a jelly bean representing one day in your life, for the average Australian life expectancy of 82 years, you would have approximately 29,950 jelly beans (days) or 28,835 if you live in the United States.  Who would have thought of your life in jelly beans? It sounds like a lot, but as this video demonstrates, it(…)


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